Moreland Council adopts Transport Advocacy Plan

At the Moreland City Council meeting on 12 June 2019 the Transport Advocacy Plan was adopted.

The plan highlighted the problem of short shunting, given the service frequency is 18 minutes peak, and 20 minutes standard on the line.

“Another issue is short shunting of trains, particularly on the Upfield line, which was the seventh worst of sixteen lines for short shunting. While the extent of short shunting is approximately the network average for all lines, this is an issue that particularly impacts residents in the north of Moreland who have fewer transport alternatives and are particularly affected by reduced train frequency. These residents would need to rely on bus services to complete their journey home when train services are cancelled. Bus services are infrequent, particularly at night.”

It was resolved in this advocacy plan that Moreland Council will advocate for the following specific improvements with respect to train services:

  • increased frequency of off peak train services, including night time services, in the short term.
  • Accelerated delivery of the duplication of the single-track section of the Upfield line to enable greater peak frequencies in the medium term.
  • A dedicated fleet of demand responsive rail replacement buses to be operated by the state government
  • That rail services not be terminated early if rail replacement buses are not available
  • Improved accessibility in the pedestrian environment near train stations, particularly to nearby bus stops and along key desire lines.

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