Our Call

20-minute train services at peak hour, train cancellations & overcrowding are normal on the Upfield Line.

The trains are infrequent because there is only a single track north of Gowrie. That means trains can’t pass each other and only a single train can be run.

The only way to improve services is to duplicate the Upfield track.

The State Government has NO plans to duplicate the Upfield track and increase trains on the Upfield Line for 15 years.

The urgent priority for the Upfield Transport Alliance is to get the single track to Upfield duplicated now. It could be done at the same time as the level crossing removals on the southern part of the line.

With massive housing developments happening, especially in Brunswick and Coburg and adjacent to the train line and as the Northern growth corridor expands we need more public transport to meet growth and increased demand and call for:

  • Duplication of track from Gowrie to Upfield
  • Extension of the Upfield line to Craigieburn & Wallan
  • Rebuilding Campbellfield station at Camp Road
  • All buses to run from the first train to the last train
  • Extend the Upfield bike path to Upfield


The Upfield Transport Alliance is endorsed by:

  • Fawkner Residents Association,
  • Brunswick Residents Network,
  • Sustainable Fawkner,
  • Moreland Community Action on Transport,
  • Upgrade the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield Campaign,
  • Climate Action Moreland,
  • Upgrade Upfield Corridor Committee.
  • The Public Transport Users Association
  • Moreland Bicycle Users Group
  • Fawkner Community House
  • Protectors of Public Lands