Support for Upgrade Upfield campaign at Sydney Road Street Party

Sydney Road Street Party stall

Our stall at the Sydney Road Street Party proved very popular.

Many people expressed interest in our campaign to improve the Upfield train service, and signed our paper petition to upgrade the Upfield line and duplicate the track from Gowrie to Upfield.

People were really attracted to the idea of 10-minute trains on the Upfield Line. We got over 300 signatures on the paper based petition to the Legislative Council, plus offers to help.

The petition is also available to sign online as part of the Legislative Council e-petition site. If you haven’t already signed the paper version, please take the time to visit and sign our epetition to the Legislative Council of Victoria.

Sydney Road Street Party stall
Sydney Road Street Party stall

We are planning an action on Saturday March 16 in Fawkner. If you live further south, join the protest train to Fawkner; or if you live to the north in Hume catch the train from Upfield to Fawkner.

Hopefully trains will be operating on timetable with no short shunting at Coburg. When there is a disruption on the line, trains are often short shunted at Coburg. People in Brunswick and Coburg don’t necessarily notice any reduction in service or reliability, but the people from Batman and further north suffer longer waiting times. Part of the reason for this is the single track between Gowrie and Upfield, and the failure so far to upgrade Upfield station to two platforms.

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