Upgrade Upfield Paper petition presented to Fiona Patten MP

On Monday four people from the Upfield Transport Alliance presented the paper version of the petition to Upgrade the Upfield line to the office of Reason Party member of the Legislative Council, Fiona Patten MP. Fiona sits on the crossbench in the Legislative Council and has earned the respect of other MPs from across the traditional political divisions.

Our paper petition had over 3100 signatures. This is the pile of petition sheets. It will be given to parliamentary officers to verify details and cross off duplicate signatures.

Over 3100 signatures from passengers on the Upfield line

This stack of paper? It’s 3000+ Upfield passengers who say:
– 20 / 30 minute train services NOT GOOD ENOUGH
– Daily train turn-arounds at Coburg NOT GOOD ENOUGH
– Constant delayed, cancelled trains NOT GOOD ENOUGH

If you did not sign on paper you can still sign the digital version until the end of this week! ➡️ http://bit.ly/UpfieldPetition

John, Kevin, Sue and Nora handing over the paper petition at Fiona Patten’s office

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