Upfield line reliability in the frame – get used to using replacement Buses

We think we are winning with our campaign to upgrade the Upfield line, when the Minister for Public Transport announces “Works To Improve Reliability On The Upfield Line”, as she did on September 2 in a media release:

“Between tonight and Wednesday, crews will carry out works to compact rock under the tracks, points renewal and upgrades to improve electrical flow across the line.

“The works will take place between North Melbourne and Upfield stations, which cater for more than 262,000 passengers each week.

The works will take place at night, with buses replacing trains between 8.30pm and last train during the works, which will deliver more reliable track, signals and overhead equipment, reducing the risk of faults.”

Great that they are doing this maintenance.

But we also need track duplication, new station at Campbellfield, second platform at Upfield, and extending the line via the Somerton link to Craigieburn and Wallan.

Unfortunately the government hasn’t scheduled track duplication during the closure of the line for at least 3 months during level crossing removal from Bell street to Moreland Road. This would have provided the perfect opportunity, given the closure of the line north of Anstey, to do track duplication without disrupting passenger movements again.

Everyone north of Anstey Station will have to get used to buses…again and again.

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