Hume Council gets behind community campaign to upgrade the Upfieldline

Foundations for Campbellfield Station with single track

Hume Council joined Moreland Council on Monday night (12 August, 2019) in supporting the Upfield Transport Alliance community campaign to upgrade the Upfield Line.

At the Council meetings, Cr Jodi Jackson moved a motion in General Business for Hume City Council to support the Upfield Transport Alliance #Upfieldline campaign for track duplication and extension to Craigieburn and Wallan.

The motion was seconded by Cr Joseph Huweil provisional on amendment of provision of meeting spaces be investigated rather than provided as part of the motion.

“The Community campaign is growing” said Cr Jackson speaking for the motion and detailing current Hume strategy documents, urging support by Hume Council.

Hume policy documents cited included Hume Corridor integrated Growth Area Plan (HIGAP) Inrastrucure and Delivery Strategy (December 2015)(PDF) and the Hume Integrated Land Use and Transport Strategy (2011-2020) (PDF) which set out that “Advocacy for a new station at Campbellfield, electrification and duplication of the Upfield line from Upfield Station to Roxburgh Park Station,and duplication from Gowrie Station” are “fundamental infrastructure” that requires development by the state government.

Cr Joseph Huweil in seconding the motion outlined how he has directly experienced the delays and disruptions on the Upfield Line and particularly noted the need for building of #Campbellfield Station.

Cr Sherry raised concerns that perhaps more time was needed to investigate details, although she said that she had no problem reaching out to Mitchell Shire, Moreland Mayor and Melbourne Lord Mayor regarding a joint approach for upgrading the upfield line.

The Motion was put to the vote by The Mayor Cr Carly Moore for Hume Council supporting the Upfield Transport Alliance Upfield line upgrade campaign. The motion was carried.

Sustainable Transport Campaigner and member of the Upfield Transport Alliance was in the public gallery of Hume Council, along with a few other members of this community coalition.

“We welcome Hume Council steping up in combination with other northern municipalities in advocacy to the state government on the fundamental need for this transport infrastructure.”

“The northern suburbs population is booming with 17 new residential suburbs being developed and we need the rail network infrastructure to be developed in a timely fashion to serve the needs of people in the northern suburbs.” said John Englart.

from the unconfirmed minutes of Hume Council:

Councillor Jodi Jackson

Moved Cr Jodi Jackson, Seconded Cr Joseph Haweil

JAC020, the time being 9.02pm.

Council supports the campaign to urgently bring forward the duplication of the Upfield line between Upfield and Gowrie station and the extension of the line to Roxburgh Park, Craigieburn and eventually to Wallan. This support would include but not be limited to:

  • Making the ‘Duplicate The Upfield Line’ campaign a key advocacy item for Hume City Council.
  • Supporting community actions to duplicate the line by publicising the actions via Council’s social media and website.
  • Investigate providing free access to a Council meeting space in Broadmeadows (such as the GLC or Town Hall Broadmeadows) for an Upfield Transport Alliance public meeting to occur during the 4th quarter of 2019 and another in 2020 to raise the public profile of the campaign among Hume residents.
  • Approach Mitchell Shire and encourage them to join us in supporting the campaign that will pave the way for an extension of the line to Wallan.
  • Engage with the Mayors of the City of Moreland, City of Moonee Valley, Mitchell Shire and the Lord Mayor of Melbourne along with other potential advocacy partners to support an advocacy campaign.

Motion was CARRIED

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